Color Sets Introduction

As I spent more time sorting beads, I had to come up with a way to store the beads in a way that made finding the correct beads easy. For me this meant 2 things, first I needed to find a storage system. Second I wanted to figure out the names for all the colors.

There are several colors that do not come in the super large buckets. I wanted to be able to still sort buckets but get the colors that I need. Overall I discovered that there are not lists of the colors in all the buckets. As of today some of the lists are on the main pages on the Perler website but those are few and far between on the solid colors you can buy in 1000 bags.

As I sorted the beads I also started to try to figure out the colors that came in the other tubs. There were colors that I knew were not part of the classic tubs and wanted to be able to sort the beads and get the colors that were not part of the large tubs.

Please note: I do know that colors in buckets can change over time. Case in point the stock photo of the 18k buckets and the beads I will list. If I notice there is a difference when I am sorting I will update.

If you notice any variances please let me know!

Author: shygal

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